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The Pilates Studio Rhiwbina -

12A Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff.


We are currently closed for business at The Studio, but we are still offering 1-1 mat or duo classes to our customers online.


The times we have available to fit in with group sessions are shown in blue at the bottom of this page.


Meanwhile, if we will not see you for some time, we wish you well, and hope you stay safe.



We opened our small Pilates Studio in November 2015 to bring even more of Pilates fantastic work to you in different ways. We are teaching his equipment based exercises to both new students and people that have been practicing his mat work for years.


Just like mat work, Pilates specialist apparatus is safe and effective and easily adapted to suit your needs.


We open at the Studio at different times to our group classes, giving you a wider choice of times to get to us. And, because you do not work as part of a group in the Studio you can start at any time and work at your own pace.


Joseph Pilates spent years developing his exercise technique and nowadays we know this simply as "Pilates". His mat classes are widely popular, although less people know about the work he did using his carefully designed exercise equipment which he used himself in his own Studio. 


Joseph Pilates built many movement aids to help his students perform his exercises. We use his Cadillac, Reformer and Wunda Chair exercises.


Equipment you will find at our  Studio are adapted from his original ideas:-


The Cadillac - was derived from equipment he used as an internee at a prisoner of war camp in WW1. He used it when working with injured patients to help improve their strength and mobility.


A Cadillac looks a little like a single four poster bed. At the Studio we use versions designed for rooms with low ceilings.


We have three Spring Board / Towers that allow us to do most of his Cadillac exercises. The support offered by this equipment helps guide you through assisted movements to build strength and help with mobility and co-ordination. 

The Reformer - Joseph Pilates designed his Universal Reformer or Plie Machine in the 1930s after he moved to America and started  working with professional dancers in his New York Studio.


It looks a bit like a rowing machine with a metal or wooden frame, and works by a moving carriage on wheels attached to ropes and springs that you control while performing each exercise.


Using a Reformer helps you to quickly develop good body awareness, strength,  flexibility, balance and better posture. We use three different versions at the Studio.

The Wunda Chair - was designed and built for clients to use in their own appartments in New York so it is a compact chair shaped piece of equipment, which provides resistance by the use of springs.


Working on The Chair requires good concentration, control, awareness of your core and adds vertical challenges to exercises to help increase strength, co-ordination, flexibility and balance. We have one at the Studio.

Arcs ,barrels, and boards – we also use other smaller inventions , mainly designed to help support the spine, aid deep abdominal exercise, stretch the body and help improve balance. 

Studio sessions are instructor-led for individuals (1 client to 1 teacher), or duos ( 2 clients to 1 teacher) and quads ( 4 clients to  2 teachers), to ensure you can practice safely and effectively in the space we have availble.  


You will be supervised and  work closely with us as your teachers. This means you can go at the pace that suits you. You can join the Studio at any time without taking an Induction course.


We operate an appointments diary system. Studio sessions can be taken privately or simultaneously with other people that are also taking a Studio session at the same time. You can book appointments in the Studio diary in advance directly through us.

How to find us - The Studio is in Rhiwbina's busy shopping area at number 12A Beulah Road just two minutes walk from where we teach our mat classes in the village. We share the entrance with the business below us at ground level, but you will find us in the Studio upstairs (over the hairdresser’s salon).


Rhiwbina is easy to get to by road, or by bus (23/23A) or train (Coryton Line) from central Cardiff.


Appointments – are arranged to both fit around you and to coincide with our class timetables so Studio sessions need to be booked ahead, by appointment, in the Studio diary.  


If you are considering a duo or quad lesson you will usually need to find your own training partner or partners.


We are normally available for bookings on:-

  • Mondays -8.30am to 9.30am and 3.30pm to 6.30pm     
  • Tuesdays - 9.00am to 7.00pm
  • Wednesdays - 9.00am to 5.30pm                                    
  • Thursdays - 9.00am to 7.00pm                                       
  • Fridays - 8.30am to 3.30pm
  • Saturdays -  mornings only.


Alernative temporary times for online mat 1-1/duo bookings are :-


Mondays - afternoons to 4pm  

Tuesdays - all day to 4.30pm

Wednesdays all day to 4.30pm

Thursdays - afternoons to 7pm,

Fridays - all day to 6pm.


Getting started – once we can re-open, whether or not you have done Pilates, if you have not used this equipment before, we will show you the basics. You can do this by booking up for a Studio session and when the Studio re-opens again we will be happy to help you.


To book, or if you have any other questions about the Studio

you can telephone us on 029 20 813696

or e-mail robert.caroline.mouncher@ntlworld.com


We look forward to seeing you back at the Studio once we re-open.

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